Onyxia Retuneth

Quote from: Zarhym

She has lurked in her lair and done battle with the many brave adventurers who travelled to that familiar location over the years. Now, in honor of the World of Warcraft 5-year anniversary, the dreaded brood mother Onyxia is being revamped to make a return to the forefront of Azeroth, as part of our big plans for the upcoming 3.2.2 content patch.

This permanent update to Onyxia will convert the dungeon into 10- and 25-player modes. We will be adding new items to Onyxia’s loot table that have the same model as some of the classic loot from this dungeon, like Tier 2 helms, with stats updated to match the current level of content. There will be a special new item too: a normal drake-sized 310% speed flying mount modeled after Onyxia herself called an Onyxia Broodling. We will also be updating the encounter mechanics to be more fitting for modern raiding, but we can guarantee players will get to experience the frightening horror of deep breaths once again.

Then for a limited time, after the 5-year anniversary event officially begins in November, anybody who logs in will receive an Onyxia Brood Whelpling p.

We’re very excited to bring this classic encounter back to provide a fun new experience for both new and veteran players. Further details will be available in the near future, and we will be setting up the Public Test Realms soon to help test out this fight along with all the new content we have planned for the patch. Keep an eye on the forums for updates!

Not April 1st? Check.
Not GC doing some lame ass joke at my druids expense? Check.
Druids looking like trees again? Check.

I'd like to point out he said November, or more to the point AFTER November, and the use of the word THEN. I propbably should have just highlighted that, but fuck you! You can just be less lazy whilst I continue to be as such.

I'd like to point out how awesome this is and how happy I am to see it. One can only hope they revamp all the old instances to new tier quality. Even though I'm sure I'll just complain about their unoriginality, but meh, I'm an angry tree, it's what I do.

"FUCKING YESSSS!" - Stars, Taiwan.


New Beginings

I came to the realization that my computer sucks and I can not play Aion because I'm too out of date atm. So I turned WoW back on and rerolled. Druid. Resto. I think I may turn into Keeva >.<

I started out an allie elf on Kirin Tor and to commemorate her creation I am launching a new blog. Heal With It. I may keep this one updated in the future but my plans for Nota are far reaching, as I plan to eventually mutate him into a her and change his name to something more effeminate. So feel free to follow me on Heal With It.


The Final Countdown

Got my tree last night. I love it. 3 more pets and I gets a deer. w00t. Yeah for carrot-on-a-stick!

So we're a hardcore raiding guild. We've raided 7 hours this week. Yogg's been up and untouched for the majority of the week. This is pathetic. The GM doesn't seem to care, the officers are useless and the dedicated few are leaving. Our resto shaman/OT DK left for another guild, our top mage is leaving as well, our previous OT left for a better guild and now we're not even raiding.

I'm gonna try and get a small 10man guild together but I don't know how much more I can take. I just with Aion would release already.


Storm's a-brewin'

So that heated debate? Yeah that turned into a WHOLE lot of drama. The main druid in question took it as a personal assault against him. Why? Who the hell knows. But he brought his pack of angry dogs with him.

The guild is already split into two factions. Those of us from the original guild and those of them from the other guild. Basically, they lost all their raiders, as did we. The difference is we had a ton of casuals ready to take their places and we continued to progress and even get our protos. They did not. So the decision was made to merge. Though we more took over their guild. They gave our GM their GM spot, and we took their name. We've never progressed pass this really.

The problem is they're good, but they have crappy attitudes. The "I'm God and you will feel honored to be in a guild with me" kind of attitude. Many of us have grown tired of it. At least 15 people in my guild have expressed interest in leaving. The problems keep mounting and we're doing worse than we were in our original guild. I believe they are of the same opinion on the other side of the fence as well.

The GM doesn't seem to give a damn and our officers are mostly just for show. Anywho, my little breakdown of healing numbers set off a frenzy storm that was kinda always ready to go off. Everything was brought out into the open. The fact that we didn't like their attitudes, the fact they thought they were carrying us, even though we were they higher progressed guild, they think our members are mostly terrible, the fact that we were better off without them, blah blah blah. The only people who tried to stop this were EX members. People who no longer play the game. It was basically me represeting my guild and taking the blunt of it all VS the officers of the new guild. Not one word from our GM or our CoGM.

The day before, one of our old officers and top mages went off on our GM in gchat, blaming him for leading us into this failboat guild. A few days before that one of our MTs left the guild for a better one. A handful of people have quit raiding all together. Our GMs response was the same each time, "Whatever, I'm trying to make this work and you're all being babies." He even changed his note to I'm Not Your Therapist.

We've been continuing to try and kill Yogg, but we lost an entire raid day this week, 2 last week and almost didn't get our raid on yesterday. I kinda want to leave and do whatever, since this guild is mostly fail, but I'm saved and we're on for Yogg on Sunday.

The worst part is that we're #3 for Horde on our server. When we merged our Co-GM made a huge post on the realm forums about us being a super guild and challenging the server xfers for server firsts. How we were gonna stomp content and bring glory back to home grown guilds. Nevermind that one of those guilds is one of the oldest guilds in WoW. Currently, we are competing with casual guilds to kill yogg first. They've pretty much made us the laughing stock of our servers. We're kind like that kid who talks smack and then loses the fight.

I'm hesitant though, because the moment I walk, so does everyone else and the guild effectively dies. I've been trying to patch things together but a storm is coming and ain't noone gonna be safe from it.


HoTs Vs Healing

I am currently in a heated debate over the excessive use of Rejuv by most druids with one of our top healers. I find the fact that you can toss 10 rejuvs out to anyone in the raid and spend the next 9 seconds casting heals on the tank and WGing as you please, leads to heal sniping.

Of course we run with a grotesque NINE healers in Ulduar. Not that we don't try to bring more DPS, we just don't have any who log on. Expect information on boomkining it up. Anywho...

Not including HoTs, the tanks health changes every 2 seconds by either damage taken or heals received using the following distribution:

Prob ----- Health deficit
50% ------ 0
25% ------ 4000
12.50% --- 8000
12.50% --- 16000

That's a 1/2 chance the tank is at full health, 1/8 chance he is at down 16k. Basically only half of the heals land at a point where they can actually heal anything. Assuming base 2pct7 you can expect:

Rejuv: HoT 1864, Mana 430
Regrowth: Direct 4544 (non-crit), Hot 1035, Mana 693
Lifebloom: Bloom 3180 (non-crit), HoT 377, Mana 698-489(refund) = 209

HPS = Effective Heals Per Second
HPSC = Effective Heals Per Second Cast including 0.2s per cast as reaction time
HPM = Effective Heals Per Minute

RJ = 19s Rejuv Rotation
RG = 28s Regrowth Rotation
LB1 = Single Stacked 10s Lifebloom Rotation (No glyph)
LB2 = Slow Stacked 18s Lifebloomx2 Rotation Cycle.
LB3 = Slow Stacked 26s Lifebloomx3 Rotation Cycle.
LBR = 3stack Rolling Lifebloom Recast every 8 seconds. No Bloom.
Numbers include Living Seed.

Results --- Heal --- HPS --- HPSC --- HPM
RJ --------5592----294---- 4438---- 14.6
Rg --------7762----277-----3940---- 11.2
Rg Glyph - 9240--- 355---- 4690---- 13.3
LB1 -------3365----336---- 2671---- 16.1
LB2 -------7098----418---- 2817---- 17.0
LB3 -------11700---487 ----3095----18.7
LBR -------3959----566---- 3142---- 5.7

Just looking at these numbers we can see the difference between RJ and LB. To make this simple, Rejuv heals for more, heals more slowly, and results in less heals per minute. While it does a large chunk of healing, you are risking a lot by only using rejuv, in that there is 2 seconds of zero heals coming from you. Of course this is assuming you only cast a single hot, which is retarded.

There is a 5.26% chance that your last rejuv tick will result in a heal while you have a 52.63% chance that the other ticks resulted in a heal. This leaves you with a 68.42% chance to heal for 1864. This cost you roughly 382 mana.

There is a 10% chance that your Lifebloom tick will result in a heal. There is a 70% chance that two of your lifebloom ticks will result in a heal. You have an 8.30% chance that your single stack Lifebloom will result in a heal and a 1.70% chance that it will result in a crit that will heal. This is a lower chance to heal with only 8.3% chance to heal for 3557, another 8.3% to heal for 3934, 1.7% to heal for 5147, 1.7% chance to heal for 5524, 10% chance to heal for 377, and 70% chance to heal for 754. This cost you 209 mana.

2.07% chance to heal for 5579, 1.50% chance to heal for 7851, 2.07% chance to heal for 4544, 1.50% chance to heal for 6816, 3.57% that your last tick will heal for 1035, and 57.14% chance that your ticks will heal for 1035. This means you have a 7.14% chance to heal for over 4.5k and 60.71% chance to tick for 1035. I won't bore you with the glyphed numbers as even I believe that to be a waste.

Obviously these numbers are relative do not take into account your crit, however the percentages would still be the same, just slightly higher numbers to work with.

When I say that rejuv spam is padding the meters, I mean just that. Healing meters do not adjust for druid overheals. Even if you ticked once for 3 health, that still counts as a heal. 100 3HP heals = 300 HP. Assume your rejuv ticks for 1k, assume you have this hot on 10 people, and assume that they each receive one tick per. That's 10k HP healed and all you had to do was put a rejuv on them when they didn't need a heal. This may not sound like a lot, but consider the fact that you have 9 seconds to cast heals on the MT/OT before you need to refresh your Raid Rejuvs. You just successfully sniped 10k healing in addition to whatever healing you are doing on the tanks AND Wild Growth.

You are a druid, heal like one. There is a reason we have so many heals. We have the luxury of being way OP in PvE in every regard, get creative and start healing the way the fits. Stop reading those stupid Healing Meters. If you keep people alive, grats, you are healing correctly, if not, try out a new style, but ffs people, you don't have to heal everyone in the raid by yourself.


That is all.

Edit: Thanks to


Holy Loot Batman!

So tonight we went in and started wrecking the place again. Ring of Reclamation dropped, passed to a priest. Bunch of nothing dropped. Then we killed Thorim and he gave me Intensity. I know I know, but Nota, it has HIT on it... WTF?!!?

Let me explain. HIT is a secondary stat. Interchangable with haste and crit. While it is preferable to get one of the other two as hit is wasted in resto, sometimes it just isn't in the cards. No DPS wanted it so it was gonna get sharded. There's a crapload of int/spi/sp on it, not to mention an 81 SP enchant, so it easily blew my mace/offhand combo out of the water. So I took it, you know, what the hell. Means I don't have to swap weapons to go boomkin. Plus it's sexy.

Next we killed The Iron Council and I got my helm. It wasn't as amazing because I already got the 10man tier piece equivelent from trash days ago, but an upgrade non-the-less. Same graphic as well. MooooooooooN on the forehead.

Then we went to Freya and the last trash pack dropped the Nourish Idol. Baraingan and I looked at it. Then looked at each other. Then we shrugged. The convo went something like this:

Me: Meh, I uh, guess we should take it?
Bara: Pfft. That thing sucks.
Me: But its just gonna get sharded.
Bara: I know, but, its NOURISH! I outheal everyone and I don't even use it.
Me: I use it... sometimes. I think. I guess I could take it.
Bara: For when you don't tank heal? lol.
Me: PvP?
Bara: hrm. Maybe. I don't want it.
Me: Alright, I guess I'll take it.


Anywho, Freya responded to our disdain, by dropping the REAL healer staff. Bitch. It went to a priest. *sigh* Ah well. This place is pretty easy, I'm sure I'll see it or better again.

But, I have my consolation prizes. Earlier today i got my Strand Crawler from the daily (^_^). It looks like GhostCrawler. Means I can symbollically drown him in fire we he nerfs me again. Plus it blows bubbles. Oh yeah. I also got my turtle mount 5 minutes later while waiting for the raid to start.

He's so cute. Matches me completely. I know he's slow and all, but every time we had to run back, I was puttin along on him. I got so many angry looks. >.<

At first he didn't want to have his picture taken.

But he warmed to the idea! Or tried to eat my crab. not sure which.

Figured since I was posting pics, I might as well share this cute GEM:

And what better way to unwind in Ulduar than some fishing?


First Fragment goes to a fellow druid.

Grats to Baraingan on his Fragment. Loot was decided via arbiters in this case. The general consensus was that a pally should get it. However, I pushed for a full time healer with perfect attendance. As the pallies are always switching to ret for fights, the fact that Bara is always there in tree form ready to rock, stood out. Plus, it is always nice to see a druid get something smexy. Grats buddy.


Glyph of WTF?

I tested the new glyphs last night and here's what we discovered:

Glyph of Wild Growth is HoT!

Glyph of Nourish is not.

GoWG is a must have, while GoN is only for MT healing.

You should consider getting Glyph of Swiftmend, Glyph of Rejuvenation, and Glyph of Wild Growth. You'll understand by the time you get to Mimiron.


Ulduar Gets Buffed


* Several changes to the Razorscale encounter have been made including the range and damage of the Dark Rune Watcher’s Chain Lightning being reduced, and the radius of Razorscale’s Devouring Flame being slightly reduced.
* To increase the challenge, Hodir’s hard mode should need to be completed faster than before and the bonus of the Moonlight buff that NPCs provide to players should be decreased.
* The damage done by Thorim and Sif in hard mode has been increased in multiple ways.
* Freya has had her health and damage increased in hard mode in multiple ways.
* The Ignis the Furnace encounter has received several changes. To make his individual hits less devastating, we reduced his overall melee damage by about 15% but he swings faster now. In normal mode we increased the cooldown of Activate Construct from 30 to 40 seconds. We also decreased the damage of the Scorch ground effect by 20% on both difficulties.
* XT-002 Deconstructor’s health and damage has been slightly increased in hard mode.
* XT-002 Deconstructor will no longer cast Light Bomb or Gravity Bomb while channeling Tympanic Tantrum.
* For the trash leading up to Ignis the Furnace Master, the Magma Rager’s Superheated Winds have had their speed reduced. The normal mode Molten Colossus have had the cooldown of Pyroblast increased.
* The trash mobs leading to Mimiron can now see through stealth/invisible, no more sneaking past.
* In the General Vezax encounter on hard mode, the Saronite Animus’s Profound Darkness will now hit harder.
* Ignis the Furnace Master should no longer melee players he is grabbing.


Ulduar Revelations

So Ulduar is rough. Not hard per say, just rough.

We brought a few trees to the raids, all different specs. Here's what we learned.

#1. Living Seed is garbage. Pure and simple. Those points are better spent elsewhere. We opted for Celestial Focus. It accounts for less than 3% of our healing. 3% haste is better.

#2. Revitalize is best on melee. This means WG is best used as a melee heal. You are guaranteed to hit 5 people, unlike ranged, who, when spread out, will net you maybe two.

#3. Nature's Swiftness is better used with regrowth than with healing touch.

#4. Rejuvenation is our most effective heal. Its cheap, fast, and with the glyph, very effective.

#5. Lifebloom is great for MT cushioning and to net you some mana when you really need it. Not much else.

#6. Nourish is great, but with all the direct healers in the raids, it mostly goes to overheal anyway.

#7. HoTing the MT, WGing the melee, and using Rejuv as a raid heal, popping SM when needed, puts a druid at the top of the meters. Easily.

#8. Here it is boys and girls. The numbers are in. the mana regen nerf is... a joke. Seriously, specced as I was for longevity in 3.0, I now finish fights with 60% mana still. That's mana that could have been used for SP.

So, I did what any reasonable tree would do. I dropped my beloved spirit. I replaced ALL my +spi gems with either Runed Scarlet Rubies, Luminous Monarch Topazes, or Purified Twilight Opals. Reenchanted my gear for SP, except my weapon, which is still Spi, because the mats are expensive and I is need money. Need to swap my Spirit World Glass for the Mortal Egg, sadly, but we're talking NO mana issues.

The biggest mana strain we encountered was the healing on Ignis the Flamer and that's with Brezes and Innervates going to other people who got meleed on their way to the slag pit. Still, we're talking 40% left over mana. No pots, no innervates.

Here's another secret. Ignis the FlameBroiled Whopper, is by far my FAVORITE healing fight in the game. Hands down. Its just so, hectic and fast paced, so much going on, so many people needing heals, moments when you can't heal, getting sent to the slag pit, RAWR!

My advice, go back to the BC mindset. Spirit is out, SP is back in. But don't forget to stack that int.


Ulduar Play Time

Well, assuming the servers ever come up, I'll be trying out a variation on the original raid spec. I took points out of Nature's Grace since I kept clipping my spells on the ptr. I took Revitalize to make progression easier and left Natural Perfection on the floor. I'll most likely respec 5-6 times throughout the week so I was thinking of using my 2nd spec for another healing spec, but I'll likely need more money for Ulduar, so I'll stick with Farmkin as my dualy.

The other two trees I raid with will most likely come differently specced as well, so I'll use WWS to compare the numbers. We have one tree that builds around haste, one who builds around crit, and myself, building around longevity. It is nice to see that we have so many options to play with. I'm thinking one of us will be a nourish bot, one will be a bloomer, and one will be Revitalizer.

Nourish bots will be using nourish to top raiders off/tank Heals.

Bloomers will cushion the tanks and raid heal.

Revitalizers will use Rejuv and WG liberally to get the procs.

Once the dust settles and I've had a good week or so of numbers, I'll be able to get a nice big picture of what I require of my druids. For now though, it's fine to play around. I've even seen talk of a GlyphedHT spec over at WoM.


Poor Kitty

My cats dying. Probably only has a month left. (-_- )

May be a little slow with posts in the future, but I have a wealth of posts coming soon. Just taking care of the little fuzzball while he's still around.


Idols. Blech.

Dear Blizzard,

We druids use idols. You have not added a worthwhile idol since BC. I feel that there must be an oversight here. At first, I thought I was missing one, but as it turns out, all the idols in game for WotLK are huge, steaming, warm piles of those things you made us pick up in Nagrand. In case you are unfamiliar, here are my peeves:

Idol of Lush Moss - YAY! Now our extremely expensive LB can heal for more! w000- oh no wait. That is crap. Disregard.

Idol of Awakening - Sweet! My rejuv is cheaper. That's... erm subpar.

I'm not even going to bring up the stupid arena one that just makes my badge one look like a thriftstore piece. Nor the Venture Co. one.

I'm also not thrilled about the Nourish idol.

These are all, for lack of a better word, stupid. Stupidstupidstupidstupidstupid. Stupid. I want one that reduces the cost of LB so I can heal how I want to heal. Or one that effects ALL my healing spells. Oh, and I swear to Elune, if you give me a HT idol, I will hunt you down. I AM a druid, I have track humanoids...

The class devs don't actually play.


The Merge

So Friday night, our guild, one of the best guilds on the server, merged with an equally good guild to create a powerhouse of awesomeness. TBH, it all started a month or so ago, when we had everything on farm already. We recognized early on that achievements were going to be progression from now on.

Well, like any progression guild, we started up on the achievements. Not everyone was keen on this. No extra loot, no rewards but a mount, blahblahblah. People started crying, people got kicked, people left, people stopped showing up, etc. Luckily we had plenty of casuals who were all about getting a chance to see new content and get cool lewts.

The problem was, not enough people were available on progression nights to do progression. It became the standard to carry people through. This other guild had the same problem, so the idea came to our GM to merge the two under one tag and combine the hardcore raiders together to form a superguild.

This would be the server-born guild that went for realm firsts, taking on the two, equally impressive, transfer guilds who currently hold that honor. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the other guilds as well. Lots of good people in them and we have a healthy competitive vibe going on throughout the 3 guilds.

I'm looking forward to Sunday now. I get to goto an Of the Nightfall run. I haven't been in those groups until Thursday night. It didn't go as planned, but I was pulling off some impressive healing that night. It made me excited to see how well Trees will do in 3.1. Plus, I'm 2 mounts from my Ugly Ass Albino/Seasick Drake.


Black Proto Drake

Got me a Black Proto Drake. As you can see, so did everyone else. I love him anyway. He now joins the ranks of my other 47 mounts and replaces my blue drake as my mount of choice.

I'm sorry, what? Druids aren't allowed to have drakes because of Epic Flight Form? Screw you buddy, and the lame red drake you rode in on. If I want an uber drake, i'm taking it, and I will fly around on it everywhere, unless I'm herbing, then I go Flight Form just to ninja on the herbs in Northrend. That's right, screw you Death Knight, these plants belong to THIS tree.

Northrend Food Buffs

So I've been playing around with different food buffs lately. None of them have really appealed to me. I used to use mp5 food, but then my regen was fine. So I played with haste. It was nice, but I've moved away from the haste for now. SP food just doesn't do it for me, so now i'm fishing up moonglow Cuttlefish and chowin down on some smexy +Spirit food.

That's right, Blizzard. Spirit. Damn your attempts to make it worthless, I will wear it till it effects Attack power. Then I'll be a bear. >.<


I am having some misgivings about the new Battle.net account information merge. On the one hand, you have a single password and login for multiple games including WoW. On the other hand, you have a single password/login for multiple games including WoW.

The misgivings stem from the fact that if someone knows your email, they now know your login name. Before, even if you had a PW, you still had to figure out the login name. This just makes it easier for an account to be hacked.

Add to this the myriad of posts about issues steming from the account merge process and you have a system that screams Skynet. You'd think we would have learned that streamlining some things can lead to bad results. I'm not a fan of the idea.


To Spirit Or Not To Spirit... Such a retarded question >.<

How can one spell suck so much and still be so desirable? I'm looking at you Spirit, you bastard child of stats.

Like so many druids before me, I found myself wondering, one day, wtf am I going to gear with? Also, like so many druids before me, I stumbled around aimlessly from blog to blog, searching for that one person who could give me some insight into my class. Obviously, I found Phae. Now I have lost her, for the time being.

Many endgame druid healers will tell you that stacking Int is the most effective way to manage your mana regen. I don't care. It is retarded. I refuse to gimp myself out of my own regen capabilities, just to rely on someone else's replenishment buff. I like having control over my own character. However, now that we have revitalize, many druids will take another look at int. I have. It is still retarded.

Yay! I can stack Int and regen my own mana! Whoopie! Oh, wait, no I do that already with Spirit. Regen nerf in 3.1, you say? Not really. I lose a little around 500 mana regen with the nerf. Sounds like a lot, I know. Hell, it IS a lot. Until you factor in other things.

I, myself, stack spirit. I do not stack SP. In fact, most of the time I will take SPI > SP. I know druids who walk around with 2k+ SP. Fantastic for them and their playstyle. I don't. I like my 1300 regen. I never run OOM and more often than not, give my Innervate to the one of the 2 mages who are fighting for it. Will this change in 3.1? Doubtful.

I currently play with haste as well, but with the mana issues promised in 3.1, I find that to be a little questionable. Also, taking into account the crit loss on our new Nerfable Regrowth, I'll probably start stacking that more. Only time will tell. What I DO know, at present, is that our most useful spell is being nerfed because they want us using the lacklusterfest that is nourish.

My problem with Nourish is simple: One must put Regrowth, Rejuv, LBx3, WG all up just to make Nourish heal for its full potential. Take into account that you need to glyph for it or wear your t7 and you're left with a slightly foamy taste in the mouth. That would be the nerf bat that hit us in the face while we still had our mouths agape from the regen nerf.

Adapt. That is all we can do.

Now about this spirit thing... I, for one, will continue to stack it. I continue being one of the top healers in my guild without breaking a sweat. So, I'll just have to be more aware.


Revitalize, Lifebloom, Nourish.

I can't tell if the devs love us or hate us these days.

Let's start with Revitalize. May as well, right? I DID put it in front of the others in the title.

So, Replenish sucks. So much so, that I usually advise people to spec out of it. 15% proc rate sounds great, except that it never really procs. GC, himself called it horrible. So they added it to WG. Yay! I think. I'm still not sure, because it still doesn't proc. Spent 5 full mana cycles trying to get a single proc to no avail. I simply assumed it was PTR happy time and procs weren't gonna happen during it.

So if Revitalize ever procs, I may take it. Guess we'll see.

Lifebloom. *sigh* The most efficient heal in the game. You are a resilient little bugger aren't you? You came from everyone hating you to being the go to MT heal. You had us rolling you all over the Mt, OT, and anyone else we thought needed some greenifying. You went through a pretty big nerf in Wrath, though you still came out on top. Especially since we found your friends: Talents and Glyph. You were back on top of the world, weren't ya? Even stole the 2pcT7 bonus from Rejuv. Turns out, you're too good, they say. Now you cost more than ever before! That's ok though, you also heal for more than ever. I still long for the day when you aren't a 3stacked HoT, though. Some day I pray you will become a single HoT. Wishful thinking, I know and until then, I'm sure you'll get just as much love as before. (We'll just pretend we hate you, so they stop nerfing you, little buddy.)


Why? Why do they keep pushing this spell down our throats? It has gotten so bad, they nerfed our main heal to make us use it. WHY!?!? We didn't like it very much. That's why we didn't use it. It isn't very fun, putting Rejuv, 3 EXPENSIVE LBs, Regrowth, WG on one person just so Nourish is doing it's full potential. Don't you get it Blizzard? It is a terrible design. I would use it more, if it ALWAYS healed for its max potential, regardless of HoTs. But, hey, who am I? I just play a druid all day, every day. What would I know, right? Best to let the devs who play warlocks design our class.

I deal with druid apps all the time that are confused about their class. Now I get to deal with devs who are confused as well. Fantastic.

I just hope they figure out what trees are for before they start making World of Warcraft Coffee Tables. I really don't like coffee stains and those books? Yeah, they're heavy.


The Standard First Post

I suppose I should tell you what I'm all about, but, meh, f that. You'll likely figure that out as time goes by and then, HEY!, you'll be ahead of me. (^_^ )y

As you've likely gathered from the title, I am NOT a bear. Pretty simple right? Wrong. You'd be surprised how many people ask me to tank something for them. At which point, I generally retype my name to them.

No, boys and girls, I am a tree. As Bob Ross would say, I'm a Happy Little Tree. These days, I'm a little sad since Phae is leaving. <3 R4L

You'll find my posts to be erratic and possibly even a little nerd-ragey at times, so you know, deal. If you can't, might I suggest watching the following: How to Deal

That is all.