Northrend Food Buffs

So I've been playing around with different food buffs lately. None of them have really appealed to me. I used to use mp5 food, but then my regen was fine. So I played with haste. It was nice, but I've moved away from the haste for now. SP food just doesn't do it for me, so now i'm fishing up moonglow Cuttlefish and chowin down on some smexy +Spirit food.

That's right, Blizzard. Spirit. Damn your attempts to make it worthless, I will wear it till it effects Attack power. Then I'll be a bear. >.<


  1. Why don't you like spellpower food?

  2. There's always a fish feast at some point in progression raids, but for anytime there isn't, I like eating my own food. I find that +46 SP isn't game changing and I'm kinda a spirit whore.