To Spirit Or Not To Spirit... Such a retarded question >.<

How can one spell suck so much and still be so desirable? I'm looking at you Spirit, you bastard child of stats.

Like so many druids before me, I found myself wondering, one day, wtf am I going to gear with? Also, like so many druids before me, I stumbled around aimlessly from blog to blog, searching for that one person who could give me some insight into my class. Obviously, I found Phae. Now I have lost her, for the time being.

Many endgame druid healers will tell you that stacking Int is the most effective way to manage your mana regen. I don't care. It is retarded. I refuse to gimp myself out of my own regen capabilities, just to rely on someone else's replenishment buff. I like having control over my own character. However, now that we have revitalize, many druids will take another look at int. I have. It is still retarded.

Yay! I can stack Int and regen my own mana! Whoopie! Oh, wait, no I do that already with Spirit. Regen nerf in 3.1, you say? Not really. I lose a little around 500 mana regen with the nerf. Sounds like a lot, I know. Hell, it IS a lot. Until you factor in other things.

I, myself, stack spirit. I do not stack SP. In fact, most of the time I will take SPI > SP. I know druids who walk around with 2k+ SP. Fantastic for them and their playstyle. I don't. I like my 1300 regen. I never run OOM and more often than not, give my Innervate to the one of the 2 mages who are fighting for it. Will this change in 3.1? Doubtful.

I currently play with haste as well, but with the mana issues promised in 3.1, I find that to be a little questionable. Also, taking into account the crit loss on our new Nerfable Regrowth, I'll probably start stacking that more. Only time will tell. What I DO know, at present, is that our most useful spell is being nerfed because they want us using the lacklusterfest that is nourish.

My problem with Nourish is simple: One must put Regrowth, Rejuv, LBx3, WG all up just to make Nourish heal for its full potential. Take into account that you need to glyph for it or wear your t7 and you're left with a slightly foamy taste in the mouth. That would be the nerf bat that hit us in the face while we still had our mouths agape from the regen nerf.

Adapt. That is all we can do.

Now about this spirit thing... I, for one, will continue to stack it. I continue being one of the top healers in my guild without breaking a sweat. So, I'll just have to be more aware.

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