The Merge

So Friday night, our guild, one of the best guilds on the server, merged with an equally good guild to create a powerhouse of awesomeness. TBH, it all started a month or so ago, when we had everything on farm already. We recognized early on that achievements were going to be progression from now on.

Well, like any progression guild, we started up on the achievements. Not everyone was keen on this. No extra loot, no rewards but a mount, blahblahblah. People started crying, people got kicked, people left, people stopped showing up, etc. Luckily we had plenty of casuals who were all about getting a chance to see new content and get cool lewts.

The problem was, not enough people were available on progression nights to do progression. It became the standard to carry people through. This other guild had the same problem, so the idea came to our GM to merge the two under one tag and combine the hardcore raiders together to form a superguild.

This would be the server-born guild that went for realm firsts, taking on the two, equally impressive, transfer guilds who currently hold that honor. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the other guilds as well. Lots of good people in them and we have a healthy competitive vibe going on throughout the 3 guilds.

I'm looking forward to Sunday now. I get to goto an Of the Nightfall run. I haven't been in those groups until Thursday night. It didn't go as planned, but I was pulling off some impressive healing that night. It made me excited to see how well Trees will do in 3.1. Plus, I'm 2 mounts from my Ugly Ass Albino/Seasick Drake.

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