Holy Loot Batman!

So tonight we went in and started wrecking the place again. Ring of Reclamation dropped, passed to a priest. Bunch of nothing dropped. Then we killed Thorim and he gave me Intensity. I know I know, but Nota, it has HIT on it... WTF?!!?

Let me explain. HIT is a secondary stat. Interchangable with haste and crit. While it is preferable to get one of the other two as hit is wasted in resto, sometimes it just isn't in the cards. No DPS wanted it so it was gonna get sharded. There's a crapload of int/spi/sp on it, not to mention an 81 SP enchant, so it easily blew my mace/offhand combo out of the water. So I took it, you know, what the hell. Means I don't have to swap weapons to go boomkin. Plus it's sexy.

Next we killed The Iron Council and I got my helm. It wasn't as amazing because I already got the 10man tier piece equivelent from trash days ago, but an upgrade non-the-less. Same graphic as well. MooooooooooN on the forehead.

Then we went to Freya and the last trash pack dropped the Nourish Idol. Baraingan and I looked at it. Then looked at each other. Then we shrugged. The convo went something like this:

Me: Meh, I uh, guess we should take it?
Bara: Pfft. That thing sucks.
Me: But its just gonna get sharded.
Bara: I know, but, its NOURISH! I outheal everyone and I don't even use it.
Me: I use it... sometimes. I think. I guess I could take it.
Bara: For when you don't tank heal? lol.
Me: PvP?
Bara: hrm. Maybe. I don't want it.
Me: Alright, I guess I'll take it.


Anywho, Freya responded to our disdain, by dropping the REAL healer staff. Bitch. It went to a priest. *sigh* Ah well. This place is pretty easy, I'm sure I'll see it or better again.

But, I have my consolation prizes. Earlier today i got my Strand Crawler from the daily (^_^). It looks like GhostCrawler. Means I can symbollically drown him in fire we he nerfs me again. Plus it blows bubbles. Oh yeah. I also got my turtle mount 5 minutes later while waiting for the raid to start.

He's so cute. Matches me completely. I know he's slow and all, but every time we had to run back, I was puttin along on him. I got so many angry looks. >.<

At first he didn't want to have his picture taken.

But he warmed to the idea! Or tried to eat my crab. not sure which.

Figured since I was posting pics, I might as well share this cute GEM:

And what better way to unwind in Ulduar than some fishing?

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