Glyph of WTF?

I tested the new glyphs last night and here's what we discovered:

Glyph of Wild Growth is HoT!

Glyph of Nourish is not.

GoWG is a must have, while GoN is only for MT healing.

You should consider getting Glyph of Swiftmend, Glyph of Rejuvenation, and Glyph of Wild Growth. You'll understand by the time you get to Mimiron.


  1. Glyph of Rejuv is SO situational. It might get some decent use on Mimiron, but otherwise it's pretty mediocre. It's basically a PvP glyph - in PvE there are few fights that it is useful - very few fights have your targets dropping low enough to allow the glyph to go to work, before your target is topped off by another healer.

    Glyph of Nourish makes Nourish not-crap when you're not wearing 4pc T7 (which I don't for Mimiron and some other fights). It may be more valuable to you as you get more Ulduar gear and move away from 4pc T7. The new boosted crit rate on Nourish is good, but with no 4pc and glyph, using Nourish still feels like trying to fill a swimming pool with a small bucket. Zzzzz. Obviously it is best for tank healing with full HoTs, but I still think there is far more value in the Nourish glyph than in the Rejuv glyph, for PvE.

    So my normal choice is Swiftmend, Nourish, WG.

    However, now that you can change glyphs on the fly, I may start carrying a stack of Rejuv glyphs just to do Mimiron each week, since drawing Rejuv & WG circles on Grid in phase 2 is king. Then swap back to Nourish later.

    I like this idea very much.

    It will cost me ~200g per week until the cost of the Nourish glyph comes down.. but 200g per week is trivial.

  2. You most likely run with a different healer setup. As the best raid healers, I find I get out healed by my fellow druid who only has 41 more SP than I do. Almost identical gear and setups. Rejuv makes up for 32% of my total heals with WG and LB trailing only slightly. Even with the glyph, my nourish was less than 20%.

    Swapping the rejuv glyph back in, I pulled up on par with the other tree. I heal for more because of the amount of damage people take.

    Obviously the outdoor fights are nice and calm, but Freya, Mimiron, Thorim, these types of fight require lots of quick heals. With the amount of heal sniping that goes on, I find that I can heal MORE with a rejuv, simply because by the time people are at full health, they're back to 24% health. Our HoTs alone can keep everyone nice and cushioned.

    I would think that as the progression turns into farm, I'll need rejuv less, and may go to nourish as my main heal.

    IDK, I just play with too many priests and pallies that my nourish is 90% of my total overheal, but you are right on the money about the glyphs. they are more like consumables which we can carry with us and swap on the fly.