The Standard First Post

I suppose I should tell you what I'm all about, but, meh, f that. You'll likely figure that out as time goes by and then, HEY!, you'll be ahead of me. (^_^ )y

As you've likely gathered from the title, I am NOT a bear. Pretty simple right? Wrong. You'd be surprised how many people ask me to tank something for them. At which point, I generally retype my name to them.

No, boys and girls, I am a tree. As Bob Ross would say, I'm a Happy Little Tree. These days, I'm a little sad since Phae is leaving. <3 R4L

You'll find my posts to be erratic and possibly even a little nerd-ragey at times, so you know, deal. If you can't, might I suggest watching the following: How to Deal

That is all.