Idols. Blech.

Dear Blizzard,

We druids use idols. You have not added a worthwhile idol since BC. I feel that there must be an oversight here. At first, I thought I was missing one, but as it turns out, all the idols in game for WotLK are huge, steaming, warm piles of those things you made us pick up in Nagrand. In case you are unfamiliar, here are my peeves:

Idol of Lush Moss - YAY! Now our extremely expensive LB can heal for more! w000- oh no wait. That is crap. Disregard.

Idol of Awakening - Sweet! My rejuv is cheaper. That's... erm subpar.

I'm not even going to bring up the stupid arena one that just makes my badge one look like a thriftstore piece. Nor the Venture Co. one.

I'm also not thrilled about the Nourish idol.

These are all, for lack of a better word, stupid. Stupidstupidstupidstupidstupid. Stupid. I want one that reduces the cost of LB so I can heal how I want to heal. Or one that effects ALL my healing spells. Oh, and I swear to Elune, if you give me a HT idol, I will hunt you down. I AM a druid, I have track humanoids...

The class devs don't actually play.


The Merge

So Friday night, our guild, one of the best guilds on the server, merged with an equally good guild to create a powerhouse of awesomeness. TBH, it all started a month or so ago, when we had everything on farm already. We recognized early on that achievements were going to be progression from now on.

Well, like any progression guild, we started up on the achievements. Not everyone was keen on this. No extra loot, no rewards but a mount, blahblahblah. People started crying, people got kicked, people left, people stopped showing up, etc. Luckily we had plenty of casuals who were all about getting a chance to see new content and get cool lewts.

The problem was, not enough people were available on progression nights to do progression. It became the standard to carry people through. This other guild had the same problem, so the idea came to our GM to merge the two under one tag and combine the hardcore raiders together to form a superguild.

This would be the server-born guild that went for realm firsts, taking on the two, equally impressive, transfer guilds who currently hold that honor. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the other guilds as well. Lots of good people in them and we have a healthy competitive vibe going on throughout the 3 guilds.

I'm looking forward to Sunday now. I get to goto an Of the Nightfall run. I haven't been in those groups until Thursday night. It didn't go as planned, but I was pulling off some impressive healing that night. It made me excited to see how well Trees will do in 3.1. Plus, I'm 2 mounts from my Ugly Ass Albino/Seasick Drake.


Black Proto Drake

Got me a Black Proto Drake. As you can see, so did everyone else. I love him anyway. He now joins the ranks of my other 47 mounts and replaces my blue drake as my mount of choice.

I'm sorry, what? Druids aren't allowed to have drakes because of Epic Flight Form? Screw you buddy, and the lame red drake you rode in on. If I want an uber drake, i'm taking it, and I will fly around on it everywhere, unless I'm herbing, then I go Flight Form just to ninja on the herbs in Northrend. That's right, screw you Death Knight, these plants belong to THIS tree.

Northrend Food Buffs

So I've been playing around with different food buffs lately. None of them have really appealed to me. I used to use mp5 food, but then my regen was fine. So I played with haste. It was nice, but I've moved away from the haste for now. SP food just doesn't do it for me, so now i'm fishing up moonglow Cuttlefish and chowin down on some smexy +Spirit food.

That's right, Blizzard. Spirit. Damn your attempts to make it worthless, I will wear it till it effects Attack power. Then I'll be a bear. >.<


I am having some misgivings about the new Battle.net account information merge. On the one hand, you have a single password and login for multiple games including WoW. On the other hand, you have a single password/login for multiple games including WoW.

The misgivings stem from the fact that if someone knows your email, they now know your login name. Before, even if you had a PW, you still had to figure out the login name. This just makes it easier for an account to be hacked.

Add to this the myriad of posts about issues steming from the account merge process and you have a system that screams Skynet. You'd think we would have learned that streamlining some things can lead to bad results. I'm not a fan of the idea.


To Spirit Or Not To Spirit... Such a retarded question >.<

How can one spell suck so much and still be so desirable? I'm looking at you Spirit, you bastard child of stats.

Like so many druids before me, I found myself wondering, one day, wtf am I going to gear with? Also, like so many druids before me, I stumbled around aimlessly from blog to blog, searching for that one person who could give me some insight into my class. Obviously, I found Phae. Now I have lost her, for the time being.

Many endgame druid healers will tell you that stacking Int is the most effective way to manage your mana regen. I don't care. It is retarded. I refuse to gimp myself out of my own regen capabilities, just to rely on someone else's replenishment buff. I like having control over my own character. However, now that we have revitalize, many druids will take another look at int. I have. It is still retarded.

Yay! I can stack Int and regen my own mana! Whoopie! Oh, wait, no I do that already with Spirit. Regen nerf in 3.1, you say? Not really. I lose a little around 500 mana regen with the nerf. Sounds like a lot, I know. Hell, it IS a lot. Until you factor in other things.

I, myself, stack spirit. I do not stack SP. In fact, most of the time I will take SPI > SP. I know druids who walk around with 2k+ SP. Fantastic for them and their playstyle. I don't. I like my 1300 regen. I never run OOM and more often than not, give my Innervate to the one of the 2 mages who are fighting for it. Will this change in 3.1? Doubtful.

I currently play with haste as well, but with the mana issues promised in 3.1, I find that to be a little questionable. Also, taking into account the crit loss on our new Nerfable Regrowth, I'll probably start stacking that more. Only time will tell. What I DO know, at present, is that our most useful spell is being nerfed because they want us using the lacklusterfest that is nourish.

My problem with Nourish is simple: One must put Regrowth, Rejuv, LBx3, WG all up just to make Nourish heal for its full potential. Take into account that you need to glyph for it or wear your t7 and you're left with a slightly foamy taste in the mouth. That would be the nerf bat that hit us in the face while we still had our mouths agape from the regen nerf.

Adapt. That is all we can do.

Now about this spirit thing... I, for one, will continue to stack it. I continue being one of the top healers in my guild without breaking a sweat. So, I'll just have to be more aware.


Revitalize, Lifebloom, Nourish.

I can't tell if the devs love us or hate us these days.

Let's start with Revitalize. May as well, right? I DID put it in front of the others in the title.

So, Replenish sucks. So much so, that I usually advise people to spec out of it. 15% proc rate sounds great, except that it never really procs. GC, himself called it horrible. So they added it to WG. Yay! I think. I'm still not sure, because it still doesn't proc. Spent 5 full mana cycles trying to get a single proc to no avail. I simply assumed it was PTR happy time and procs weren't gonna happen during it.

So if Revitalize ever procs, I may take it. Guess we'll see.

Lifebloom. *sigh* The most efficient heal in the game. You are a resilient little bugger aren't you? You came from everyone hating you to being the go to MT heal. You had us rolling you all over the Mt, OT, and anyone else we thought needed some greenifying. You went through a pretty big nerf in Wrath, though you still came out on top. Especially since we found your friends: Talents and Glyph. You were back on top of the world, weren't ya? Even stole the 2pcT7 bonus from Rejuv. Turns out, you're too good, they say. Now you cost more than ever before! That's ok though, you also heal for more than ever. I still long for the day when you aren't a 3stacked HoT, though. Some day I pray you will become a single HoT. Wishful thinking, I know and until then, I'm sure you'll get just as much love as before. (We'll just pretend we hate you, so they stop nerfing you, little buddy.)


Why? Why do they keep pushing this spell down our throats? It has gotten so bad, they nerfed our main heal to make us use it. WHY!?!? We didn't like it very much. That's why we didn't use it. It isn't very fun, putting Rejuv, 3 EXPENSIVE LBs, Regrowth, WG on one person just so Nourish is doing it's full potential. Don't you get it Blizzard? It is a terrible design. I would use it more, if it ALWAYS healed for its max potential, regardless of HoTs. But, hey, who am I? I just play a druid all day, every day. What would I know, right? Best to let the devs who play warlocks design our class.

I deal with druid apps all the time that are confused about their class. Now I get to deal with devs who are confused as well. Fantastic.

I just hope they figure out what trees are for before they start making World of Warcraft Coffee Tables. I really don't like coffee stains and those books? Yeah, they're heavy.