Ulduar Play Time

Well, assuming the servers ever come up, I'll be trying out a variation on the original raid spec. I took points out of Nature's Grace since I kept clipping my spells on the ptr. I took Revitalize to make progression easier and left Natural Perfection on the floor. I'll most likely respec 5-6 times throughout the week so I was thinking of using my 2nd spec for another healing spec, but I'll likely need more money for Ulduar, so I'll stick with Farmkin as my dualy.

The other two trees I raid with will most likely come differently specced as well, so I'll use WWS to compare the numbers. We have one tree that builds around haste, one who builds around crit, and myself, building around longevity. It is nice to see that we have so many options to play with. I'm thinking one of us will be a nourish bot, one will be a bloomer, and one will be Revitalizer.

Nourish bots will be using nourish to top raiders off/tank Heals.

Bloomers will cushion the tanks and raid heal.

Revitalizers will use Rejuv and WG liberally to get the procs.

Once the dust settles and I've had a good week or so of numbers, I'll be able to get a nice big picture of what I require of my druids. For now though, it's fine to play around. I've even seen talk of a GlyphedHT spec over at WoM.

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