Storm's a-brewin'

So that heated debate? Yeah that turned into a WHOLE lot of drama. The main druid in question took it as a personal assault against him. Why? Who the hell knows. But he brought his pack of angry dogs with him.

The guild is already split into two factions. Those of us from the original guild and those of them from the other guild. Basically, they lost all their raiders, as did we. The difference is we had a ton of casuals ready to take their places and we continued to progress and even get our protos. They did not. So the decision was made to merge. Though we more took over their guild. They gave our GM their GM spot, and we took their name. We've never progressed pass this really.

The problem is they're good, but they have crappy attitudes. The "I'm God and you will feel honored to be in a guild with me" kind of attitude. Many of us have grown tired of it. At least 15 people in my guild have expressed interest in leaving. The problems keep mounting and we're doing worse than we were in our original guild. I believe they are of the same opinion on the other side of the fence as well.

The GM doesn't seem to give a damn and our officers are mostly just for show. Anywho, my little breakdown of healing numbers set off a frenzy storm that was kinda always ready to go off. Everything was brought out into the open. The fact that we didn't like their attitudes, the fact they thought they were carrying us, even though we were they higher progressed guild, they think our members are mostly terrible, the fact that we were better off without them, blah blah blah. The only people who tried to stop this were EX members. People who no longer play the game. It was basically me represeting my guild and taking the blunt of it all VS the officers of the new guild. Not one word from our GM or our CoGM.

The day before, one of our old officers and top mages went off on our GM in gchat, blaming him for leading us into this failboat guild. A few days before that one of our MTs left the guild for a better one. A handful of people have quit raiding all together. Our GMs response was the same each time, "Whatever, I'm trying to make this work and you're all being babies." He even changed his note to I'm Not Your Therapist.

We've been continuing to try and kill Yogg, but we lost an entire raid day this week, 2 last week and almost didn't get our raid on yesterday. I kinda want to leave and do whatever, since this guild is mostly fail, but I'm saved and we're on for Yogg on Sunday.

The worst part is that we're #3 for Horde on our server. When we merged our Co-GM made a huge post on the realm forums about us being a super guild and challenging the server xfers for server firsts. How we were gonna stomp content and bring glory back to home grown guilds. Nevermind that one of those guilds is one of the oldest guilds in WoW. Currently, we are competing with casual guilds to kill yogg first. They've pretty much made us the laughing stock of our servers. We're kind like that kid who talks smack and then loses the fight.

I'm hesitant though, because the moment I walk, so does everyone else and the guild effectively dies. I've been trying to patch things together but a storm is coming and ain't noone gonna be safe from it.

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