The Final Countdown

Got my tree last night. I love it. 3 more pets and I gets a deer. w00t. Yeah for carrot-on-a-stick!

So we're a hardcore raiding guild. We've raided 7 hours this week. Yogg's been up and untouched for the majority of the week. This is pathetic. The GM doesn't seem to care, the officers are useless and the dedicated few are leaving. Our resto shaman/OT DK left for another guild, our top mage is leaving as well, our previous OT left for a better guild and now we're not even raiding.

I'm gonna try and get a small 10man guild together but I don't know how much more I can take. I just with Aion would release already.


  1. Sounds vaguely familiar...


    (except the non-caring GM part!)

  2. I'm going to quit rading. Hopefully I can break my addiction ot the game once and for all. More at 8!